Firstly, I have another blog account. My other writing account is my personal one. I’ve had it for some time now, so this is easier to understand I’m going to refer to my other account as my BA1 (Blog account number 1) Since the day my friend persuaded me to get a blog account, I have loved writing blogs. It’s like a way of storing thoughts and memories. I do a few different types of writing in BA1. Which include: creative writing, or poetry and diary entries. I love creative writing, I can create my own little worlds and let my endless imagination flow out into words on a screen. I also love the blogs that are like diary entries, these are important because I don’t want to forget who I once was, the events that have happened and the people who have influenced me.

Delusional Illusions

This blog is specifically about Psychology. A place to write down anything about the mind. I’ll be studying Psychology at home and eventually at college. I have a Psychology book which covers every aspect of Psychology, there are questions throughout the book and I’m going to write down all my answers into blogs. I’m going to attempt to answer as many questions as I can without reading the chapter in the book first, to ensure that my answers aren’t influenced and my words and thoughts are completely my own. Basically, this is an educational blog.


For a while I have been fascinated by human behaviour, however it’s only recently that I’ve decided to pursue it as a ‘hobby’ and hopefully a career. I always over-think every situation, I have a lot of curiosity in me. I believe that I have appropriate qualities to be a Psychologist. So, I’m going to study it and do my best to achieve my dreams.

Note: Most of my answers are generalizing and just my opinions.


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