A simple thought.

Ironically, the title of this blog contrasts a great amount with the content of my actual thought.

Studying Psychology takes a lot of effort. You need the ability to think in a huge amount of depth. With every thought, or new piece of knowledge I have, I realise that it’s all so complicated. Because every new thought, creates more new thoughts that I’ll need to take the time and mental energy into figuring it out. I fear that the complexity of it all, will cause me to forget important theories, facts and opinions. There’s just too much to think about…but I need to think about it all. Psychology is like an unusual type of hobby for me; of which right now, all I need to do is think deeply and thoroughly about human behaviour and the mind.

An example of the endless trail of thoughts: I have a topic in mind for a new blog, which is about my thoughts on being influenced. A moment ago, I was making notes for this new blog, I made bullet points of what I want to cover. The first two being *Why is it good? and *Why is it bad?, next to the first one, I wrote ‘Creates character that is inspired by people that we respect’ then next to the second question, I wrote ‘Not your own character’ Which means, I’ve had a thought why being influenced is good, then another that contradicts my first thought! …total chaos.


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