Firstly I’d like to introduce the following piece of writing. I decided I want to write about a variety of emotions and situations… basically anything about Psychology. So I won’t just be answering questions from my Psychology book. I didn’t plan to stick to just doing that anyway. So I asked my followers on Tumblr to give me ideas of what to write about. This was requested from Hollie.


Despair is an extreme low mood. If we’re in despair we’re likely to feel so alone that it’s almost unbearable. We feel that we’ll never over-come this dark feeling which is a combination of fear, emptiness and major depression. We fear everything because of our own lack of self-worth; we fear waking up to this daunting lonely feeling. Or we feel empty. Nothing matters,  days and weeks blur together and pass you by like insignificant moments. Even the unbearable mental pain you feel, is nothing to you. In these moods, we actually prefer to be alone just so you don’t have to pretend that you care.

Despair is a dark feeling associated with; loss, loneliness and heartbreak. The cause of despair is likely the loss of a person who you were emotionally close to. Either death or an ended relationship could invoke despair.  However it’s not an entirely bad experience. I believe we can benefit a lot from feeling despair, when we truly ‘hit rock bottom’; because we learn from it. What we learn depends on the situation. We may learn to stop being naive. We may learn to take more control over our own lives and thoughts. But, the most important thing that we learn from such a negative experience, is to be a stronger person.

Everyone gets emotionally attached to other people, even if it’s only a few people in their life-time. We depend on those who are close to us, which leads to vulnerability. Once this love or closeness has terminated we go through a series of emotions and feelings. One of which is feeling worthless; if they’ve betrayed us or simply become bored we convince ourselves that we’re not good enough and question ourselves. What takes longer for us to realise is that they are not worth it. Such a seemingly big loss has an effect on our self-esteem. Having negative thoughts and a negative attitude can lead to despair because negativity has a huge bad effect on our life in general.

…Is despair unstoppable?

That’s all I’m going to write for now, although I’m not satisfied with it. I really wanted to capture what despair is in one short paragraph, but I had difficulty putting it into words.


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