My interest in Psychology

Right now I’m interested in Psychology for selfish reasons. I want to understand the mind. I want to understand myself, despite my passion for Psychology, I don’t understand myself at all. I never know what I want, I find it difficult to make decisions. I want to have more control over my own mind, that may seem absurd, as it’s my brain and my own thoughts…but there is a lot more to it then that. I don’t yet know if other people understand themselves, but I always seem to have trouble with making sense of myself.  I also want to understand everyone…literally every person I come across throughout my life, in every situation. I guess this is a life-long aim, which I feel is my purpose and focus in life. I consider these to be selfish reasons because all I want is to satisfy my own curiosity and to understand people…I don’t yet have much of a desire to help others, although I certainly care a lot about people.

I honestly don’t think that I’m gaining much of an insight yet. There is so much that I need to know and understand, it’s going to take a long time. However, I feel that I’m able to make more connections between thoughts. It’s difficult to elaborate on that…but, I feel a little more aware of my thought processes. I think that unconscious thoughts can become conscious…I don’t know how that works though. I’m also more aware of the id, ego and super-ego and I appreciate their role. The simple concept of being conscious really helps you to understand. That is very vague, but it’s true for everything. I’m conscious of the id, ego and super-ego, therefore I understand behaviour a little better.

It’s difficult to narrow down the areas within Psychology that interest me…because so much of it is fascinating. Even so, I’m currently most interested in; relationships, unconscious mind, Psychopathology, personality and criminological psychology. I wish to gain a greater understanding of each of them.


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