Dreams – Introduction.

After reading Freud’s account of his dream and the associations he made between the dream and reality I believe that it’s possible to gain an insight to your own dreams by merely thinking about situations or emotions and trying to find connections. However I’m not agreeing with Freud entirely, yet. I’m yet to decide if I dreams have any genuine meaning to us.

A person can gain an understanding of even the most obscure and unintelligible dreams through associations. By merely trying to figure a dream out one can understand its meaning, content and origin. I think it’s effective because even if the process of figuring it out seems to be useless, you’re making these connections between dreams and reality and you’re conscious and in control of most thoughts, so these connections can be genuine.


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  1. dazz22
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 06:37:51

    I like this. Dreams have always interested me. It’s the brains way of processing certain thoughts and feelings whilst asleep. I’ve heard that if we didn’t dream we’d be way more stressed out in life.


    • kayl18
      Aug 26, 2011 @ 12:40:34

      Thanks for reading it. I think dreams are fascinating, I wish that I could remember a lot more of my own. On a different subject though; I’m working on quite a big project about criminal Psychology and aggression. When it’s completed I was hoping you would give me some feedback.


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