I’m starting college very soon, which I’m dreading and excited about. After an extremely dull and unproductive gap-year, I’m happy about being busy and being passionate about my work. I have a few important aims that stand out in my mind at the moment; getting a grade A on my first Psychology essay. This is important because I’ve been anxious about my ability with such a complex subject. Another aim is graduating, I have this expectation of getting the desired results at univeristy, feeling relieved and celebrating with people that I care about over a bottle or two of champagne. And my final major aim is getting a PHD and having the title; Dr. This last one is a long way off, I know that…but this thought will motivate me. Everything I’m going to work for is to reach the highest level in Psychology, my whole life is about to be dedicated to my career. To be honest, this is something to be very nervous about . This year I’m giving up my social life, happiness and money to complete my first step to having my dream job. Soon I will be using this blog account to store my college essays, and this will continue throughout my education. It’s like a record of my progress. I like knowing that a few people have access to it, it’s nice knowing that these few are enabled to see my progress and effort. However the only person who will be truly proud of my work, sadly is myself, but if you think about it, that’s all that matters, right? I’m doing all of this for me, so I’m okay with that. Although I’d like to think that one day my family and friends can benefit from my career. I’d love to take my mom on holiday and buy nice things for the rest of my family. Having said all of this, I’ve realised that I’m getting ahead of myself…I don’t even know if I’m good at Psychology, right now this scares me more than anything.


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