A little insight about my career path.

Okay, so I don’t have full knowledge of how I’m going to get my desired career. So far it looks like this; One year of college- Access to HE, Three years of Psychology at undergraduate degree level, then a masters degree, although I don’t know how many years that is, then possibly an extra course, PhD again I don’t yet know how long that is. Then after this I think I’ll be fully qualified. At the moment I see myself as a counselor, I’d be working for the NHS most likely. It’s a tough choice really, I’m interested in Forensic Psychology and also Clinical. But I think I’ll stick with Counselling unless I realise I’m better in other areas. I’ve also been thinking about my final project for university which is ‘The evolution of Psychology’ It’s something I think about quite a lot, everything within Psychology changes over time. People change, treatments change, the world around us changes so that everything is more advanced. I already know that there would be so much to write for this project; criminal Psychology, how it’s changed, Psychology itself, theories, controversies, experiments etc. Although I like this idea, I don’t like the thought of delving deeply into the history of Psychology, I don’t want it to be more about history than Psychology…


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