I haven’t wrote in this blog for a while, I guess that would be lack of motivation and focus to do so. But recently I knew what I needed to do. I have a career path. A really difficult one, but it would lead to a life that I’ve always wanted. A good career and a flashy car on my drive. I also want to help people, it’s important that I do that considering how my life has been. But I know what I need to do. First I have to get my undergraduate psychology degree and whilst doing that I need to get plenty of work experience, I’ve started to email nursing homes and asked if I could do some voluntary work, it’s the perfect place to start and could maybe lead to a part time job…I’d be around people with mental issues, but nothing major. Some univeristes require extensive work experience, basically I can’t get a doctorate without it…which seems odd to me, since studying and grades should be put above simple work experience, alas I shall jump through all the hoops in the world to make my life better. So, work experience and undergraduate degree then a doctorate in clinical psychology. I could change my mnd on which doctorate I want, I have changed my mind recently; originally I wanted to do a doctorate in counselling. It should take about 8 years… When I think of the amount of years, my goal seems impossible to reach, so I need to take a more relaxed approach…in the sense that I work hard now and allow myself to be okay with not having a career for a long time.

So I’m going to continue my projects on here. (For anyone reading this) I’ve probably mentioned before that I only make basic observations.  I’ll probably answer questions from my psychology book, mostly and occassionally write about anything that relates to my progress.


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